Swimming Holes and Hillbillies.

So Weaver and I found a pretty cool spot in Durham the other day. The "Eno Quarry" is a lovely little place in the small town of Orange, Durham and sort of looks like something you would see on True Blood. After about a 20 minute hike through the wilderness you find yourself here, eagerly wanting to jump into the water that who knows what lies beneath. This is definitely one of the neatest places i've found in a while .... I can't wait to go back (this time with food and a float or two... lesson learned)

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  1. ahhhhhh this place is soooo pretty!!! i recently went the other day as well, had some trouble trying to find it though hahah. i agree that food and floats are a need to visit this place, and if you didnt you should definitely try jumping off the cliffs, or maybe even one of the many tall trees. the hike was really nice, especially on the way back ;)cuz we found the shorter trail. anywho im glad yall found this place, and I cant wait to go back either!!! :)