Ring My Bell, Jhameel

Donnis has put out a new track that I couldn't be more happy to download and blast ridiculously loud as I ride down the highway with my windows down this summer. I mean the vocals are set to the beat of Funky Town, what more could you ask for? And how could I have not known about this Jhameel character before now? He's from Berkley, Asian. and for lack of a better word, Fierce. Get into it. ;)

Donnis Feat. Dev - Ring My Bell 9DJ Hotsauce Mix)

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Nero Remix)

City and Colour - Fragile Bird (Sonixx Dubstep Mix)

Jhameel - Bernal Heights

Jhameel - How Many Lovers

Jhameel - The Human Condition

Summer - Beer drinking music.

Summer is in full throttle and I've been pretty busy traveling lately. But I've finally got some down time here in Texas to post some things I've been listening to lately. Calvin Harris had recently released a new EP "Bounce" and I have a radio rip of his newest single that has been "officially" released yet. I love Calvin Harris and I love that he knows how to create a bomb ass summer tune to get me bobbing my head to the beat. Lets see... I've also been listening to the new Fleet Foxes album (need I say more?) as well as Molly Wagger, Tune-Yards and Metronomy. Molly Wagger is a four person electro/folk band from scotland and they just released their new album "Flambeaux" on July 4th. Their single "Steve" has some great beats and melancholy melodies that I think we rarely hear from artists these days. Tune-Yards' lead female vocalist really does everything for me on their track "Bizness" and the video is pretty cool as well. I've posted some other summer tunes I've been listening to as well. Listen to these with your windows down. Enjoy.

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Radio Rip)

Calvin Harris Ft. Kelis - Bounce

Tune-Yards - Bizness

Metronomy - Bay (Bears Remix)

YACHT - Dystopia

Metronomy - The Look

Beyonce - Dance For You

Lilly Allen - HI (Sound Remedy Remix)

Outasight - Figure 8 (Discotech remix)

Alexander - Truth (White Arrows Remix)