Welcome to the 22nd century. Everybody's Dancin

Been listening to a plethora of music lately. Laura Marling is a folk singer from London that has a beautiful voice and thought provoking lyrics that make good for a rainy day; I am really loving her stuff. School of Seven Bells consists of twin sisters Claudia and Alejandra Dehaza as well as Ben Curtis from Scret Machines and their chemistry is amazing to listen to. Riding around on my scooter in Taiwan listening to Kelis however has been the highlight of my week. Her new album, "Flesh Tones," is a polar opposite from her early stuff but packs a punch... I am in love with this whole album. Enjoy :)

DeerHunter - Helicopter (Diplo/Lunice Mix)

School of Seven Bells - Heart is Strange (ActiveChildMix)

Wise Blood - Solo (4 Claire)

So Soak It Up.

Got to Experience my first Typhoon this weekend in Taiwan. Spent the days cuddled up inside with some friends, watching movies, swapping music and enjoying each others company. Started listening to this band 'Houses' that I enjoy a lot... Take a listen. I also posted the youtube video just cause I love the picture. And shout out to Aussie land for Bag Raiders - Way back home... it's a good one (i put the video on here but there is also a link so you can download it from another site)

Houses- Soak it up
Marnie Stern - Transparency is teh New Mystery

Bag Raiders - Way Back Home

Top 5 from Taiwan (9.14.2010)

So I'm in Taiwan. I'll be here for 5 months studying dance at Taipei National University of the arts. I love it here. The people, culture, food, mountains, you name it... everything is amazing. Above is a picture I took out my window; I get to wake up to that everyday. So for the next 5 months I'll be on the other side of the world, dancing and trying to find out a little bit more about this place. Anywho, here are my top pics for the week (sorry for my lack of music posts lately).

The Shimmies - The Radio Played
Stars - How Much More

Savage Skulls & Douster feat. Robyn-Bad Gal by maddecent