Ring My Bell, Jhameel

Donnis has put out a new track that I couldn't be more happy to download and blast ridiculously loud as I ride down the highway with my windows down this summer. I mean the vocals are set to the beat of Funky Town, what more could you ask for? And how could I have not known about this Jhameel character before now? He's from Berkley, Asian. and for lack of a better word, Fierce. Get into it. ;)

Donnis Feat. Dev - Ring My Bell 9DJ Hotsauce Mix)

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Nero Remix)

City and Colour - Fragile Bird (Sonixx Dubstep Mix)

Jhameel - Bernal Heights

Jhameel - How Many Lovers

Jhameel - The Human Condition

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  1. Hey Morgano,

    My name is Ryan Rubin, I'm actually Jhameel's manager. I love that you're digging Jhameel's stuff! I do have to drop some knowledge on you though.

    Jhameel is: Straight, and from Berkeley, CA

    He is, however fierce and Asian.

    Thanks for the love! Keep up with Jhameel at www.facebook.com/jhameel